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an ancient statue

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“Shire sangi “(stone lion) is ancient statue is located in Hamedan city and is known as the one of the Iran attractive places for tourists want to trip to Iran. The hill where Shir sangi is located is an ancient hill related to Parthian period. This local ancient site was graves of Parthian. Dimension This Statue are 2/5 meter to 15 C.M to 20 C.M. This statue found with coffin that this coffin is save in “tapeh hegmataneh museum”(hegmataneh is old name of hamedan when it was capital of Iran and tapeh means to hill).This statue located was in front of city’s main entrance in the past and arabs when attack to Iran(more than 1300years ago)named babol asad(its arabian word and means to lion entrance) “mardavij deylami” when conqured Deylaman of Hamedan destryed entrance of Hamedan and wanted to take satatue to other place that he couldn’t success and because of this reason, Destroyed one of the satatues and break down one of the paws of lion.This statue satyed in this possition till 60 years ago Rebuilde nad transfer to another place by seyhoon (designer of avvecina toms) Generally these statues has built in order of Alexander the Great for celebrate and glory of one of his capitans “Hananishoon “ of both sides of his tomb Hamedan is city full of attravtive places , If you want to trip to iran and Hamedan is one of your destination , you can visit this place additional other wonderful places.For introducing with some of Hamedan places please check our previous posts