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Elegance “Alighapoo” palace

4.5 out of 5

“Alighapoo “is part of “Naghshe jahan” square. “alighapoo” is a torkish word and it means to “high port”  This Iran attractive place is always known for Iran travel agencies and also whom ever want to trip to Iran. The name of “alighapoo” was “Dolat khaneh mobarakeh” this monument has been entrance of “Safavieh” government and it has build more than 400 years ago. At begin it has simple form but in during history has added   floors and DecorationsThe height of this monument is about 48 meters and has 6 floors.This amazing palace has five doors. First and main door is name “alighapoo” and it opens to “Naghshe jahan” square and other doors name are ”dare Chahr hoz” in north part, “dare Shahi “ it opens to main city entrance in west part, “ dare Haramsara” and “dare jobe khane” and it has famed as dare Matbakh” The staircase has elegance and Exquisite Miniature. This miniatures are works of biggest masters of Iran. this amazing palace has been entrance of other palacesThis palace has made in two parts: 1-front part 2-main palace The first part has elegance colorful Moldings and its located further than main building One of the wonderful features of this palace is when you stay in any places of palace you can visit different floors About 230 years ago in order of “second Abas king”has added hall with eighteen wooden columns with ten meters height to third floor then columns has coverd by mirror and roof has designed by beautiful paint.In the middle of hall copper basin with dimension ten to five meters and depth of sixty centimeter and has elegance Marble Fountains In the top of last floor kings have seen ceremonies, Wicket game, “ashoora” Mourning, bonfire. Its amazing palace has other beauty places which how many that I want to describe this place I will not be successful. Iranian people has famous idiom” didan key bovad manande didan” its means to “ there is many different between to see and to hear”. If you are interested in trip to Iran, fit in your plan visit of this amazing place We will try to describe other parts of palace in other future post