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Golestan National Park

4.5 out of 5

“ Golestan ” park is located in Mashhad_Bojnoord and 55 K.M from east of Gonbad, with area about 91895 Hectares, Is one of Iran attractive places and is natural destination for whom ever want to trip to Iran and beloved case for Iran travel agenceis too. This park is first confirmed national park and is safe place for different type of tamed and untamed animal and plan About 34 % of this park is located in “ north Khorasan “ province and small section is located in “ Semnan ” and other is in “ Golestan ” province and because of located in 3 provinces, this park has various planet and animals. In terms of climate, west part has Semi-humid and temperate climate, south part has dry and cold and east part has The cold weather and semi-arid. Annual Average rainfall is about 150 – 1000 M.M. You can visit every thing that you have expected. Beautiful and roaring rivers, height waterfalls, misty jungle, and many of rare animals and planets is parts of beautiness of this amazing jungle. “ Ocher ” seasonal waterfall with geight more than 110 meters is located in middle of this park( this waterfall is floated in spring ). You can visit tamed animlas which are Specific of this forest. If you are lucky you can visit Iranian brown bear and also beautifull Iranian panther. Another animals that lives in this wild park are : wild jungle cat, Beaver, Chamois, Hog, Wolf, fox, Torkaminan Fox, Antelope, Iranian Deer and more than hundreds types of birds.If you are fan of ECO tour, and you want to trip to Iran, “ Golestan “ park with natural attracks can satisfy you easily If you are interested in natural views like me, don’t forget the chance of visiting of this park