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Naragh Bazaar

4.5 out of 5

Always trading has been important for Iranian people so there is many historical Bazaar in Iran. these Bazaars are different in terms of Archaism, Type of Bazaar, Decoration, Materials used in the Bazaar monument so many of Bazaar in Iran has historical background and in this terms are beloved case for Iran travel agencies and whom ever want to Trip to Iran. One of these Bazaars is “Naragh bazaar”. its located in “ Markazi“ province, between “ Kashan “ and “ Ghom “ road. One of the historical places of Naragh is coverd “ Naragh Bazaar “. The materials that have used in this monument are bricks and its related to “ Qajar “ period. The other name of Bazaar is “ Shams ol saltaneh “ Bazaar ( king of sun Bazaar ). The Moldings, Roofs and cells has built by The accuracy and beautiness.Thw walls has made by bricks and roof has built in cross form.The used material in cells is wood which in beautifully way has carved and additional of this subject made many rooms above cells for resting people. This monument in terms of Architecture and Historical identity is so valuable. Many of cells are busing in Traditional jobs and if you visit this Bazaar you can prepare traditional things as Souvenir. Another Importantly Point about this monument is being near of other historical places of “ Naragh “ city