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Tourism contract between Iran and Italy

4.5 out of 5

We have different post today from other posts. Its about important contract between two ancient countries “ Iran “ and “ Italia ” which both of them have rich Historical identity. Recently delegation from “ Mappa mondo “( its one of the most famous and important European tourism companies ). Its team contian of D.R “ Andrea Meal “, It’s general manger of Company and Iranian businessman D.R “ Mohammad poor” visited to Iran. They Observe Iran attractive places such as “ Shiraz city ”, “ Takhte jamshid ”, “ Perspolis ”,“ Pasargard “, “ Kazeroon “, “ Isfahan “ and “ Tehran “ and in the end of thire trip after final negotiations, they signature contact for trading Passengers between each other. This contract helps to both of tourism countries and I think it can first step for throw out Iran to best tourism countries.The members of Italian panel Excellent have described, Accommodations and Historical places and praised for hospitality and Intimacy of Iranian people. I hope to the contracts such as this, will can help to Iran travel agencies and passengers whom ever want to trip to Iran