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the Oldest creature in all of the world in heart of Iran

4.5 out of 5

All we know about importance of trees and their rolls in our daily life and has important Role in air conditioning. As well as many of these beautiful creatures has different age and many of them are so old and in terms of it additional of their vital role, are so valuable.One of the these oldess trees is Iranian Cedar . this 4000 years old tree is located in historical “ Abar ghoo “ city on amazing “ Yazd “ province. This warlock tree probably is oldness alive creature in asia . if you want to trip to Iran, You can want to your Iran travel agency for fit visit this attractive place on your plan. If you choice the historical package most probably “ Yazd “ as one of the most important historical cities will be on your plan, You can additional of enjoy from historical place , get relax under this 4000 years tree for a time and benefit from its oxygen.The height of this tree is about 82 foot and diameter of that is about37.8 foot. This is one the oldest careatures in all of the world so it is Not unexpected for honor of this tree. One of most famous Iranian historian “ Hamdola mostoofi “ has written about this Cedar 700 years ago.According to many of mayths, this tree has planted by “ Zoroaster” (Iranian prophet ).This tree after 16425000 days. Is fresh and juicy and also is so Green. Recently many of Japonian and russian Scientists have estimate archaism of this tree is about between 7000 and 7500 years old.