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“ Naharkhoran “ is name of the beauty jungle in north of Iran. this jungle is located in 8 K.M from south of “ Gorgan ” city and in “ Golestan “ province . by increase the urban context little by little this it 8 K.m is fade and can be said “ Naharkhoran “ jungle and city are connected and it exchange to crowded strret for walking. This legendry jungle has international renown When you talk about “ Golestan “ province or “ Gorgan “ city ,” Naharkhoran “ jungle Associate. “ gorgan “ is known because of exist of this jungle. Geographic position and gradients in environment are main reason for attract passenger to this area. Nice climate and adaptable Accommodations are onother reason for exchange this place to Iran attractive place. If you looking for green place for your vacations this place van satisfy you. Additional of original views you can benefit from Genius oxygen too. It hungle is four seasons jungle and you can enjoy in all the times of seasons. This jungle has many types of animals, birds and plants.Many sources exist in this jungle that most famous of this sources is “ Cheshme sefid “ ( white source ) and has just one river. Its name is “ ziarat “ . other attractive place of this area are : “Baba taher” hill, “ Naharkhoran ” square, “ Dashte kaj ” jungle and “ Paradise ”is contain of hotels, Restaurants, Local Bazaar, area for child play.If you are interested in trip to Iran and you are fan of eco tours, don’t miss visit of this jungle