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Money museum

4.5 out of 5

“ money museum “is located in Iran’s capital “ Tehran “ began its career about 20 years ago. This collection is contain of 1400 coins, 750 bills and 200 historical objects that shows little piece of Iran’s history The sections of this Iran attractive place are: pre money period – The hall of coin’s history and hall of bill’s history. This section introduce catenulate thousand several Iran history . if you Trip to Iran you can visit several thousand Iran history in the least time. One of the interesting objects is coin with name of “ LIDY ” which is related to 513 years ( B.C ) and referred as the first world’s coin. This coin has saved in one of the conserves with suit special conditions. The coins made of an alloy called electrons (a combination of gold and silver), and it have very high value. One of the other interesting objects is a bill related to “ King Naseroldin” ( about 200 years ago)the worth of this bill is about 1000 Toman (Iran’s national currency unit . this bill never used between people and just published for national support About 17 years ago new section has added to this museum which it shows the coins and money of another countries for introducing of another cultures to the people. Recently This museum has moved to “ Eram complex Park “ in west of capital. This complex is contain of three museums, Zoo and Amusement Park. you can additional of visit three museums, use to space park for enjoying