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Holy tomb

4.5 out of 5

Morghab ” desert was a big garden more than 2550 years ago with streams full of clear water and green trees with nice climate but nowadays it has changed to dry desert and shows off “ Cyrus the great ” monument tomb. His tomb is one most important Iran attractive places for Iran travel agencies and specially for Iranian people and if you want to trip to Iran, fit this palace as the one of your planes. This monument has structured from enormous white stones and is located 1 K.M from “ Pasargard “ palaces.this tomb is only structure that described in ancient Greek sources. The DimensionOf monument are 13.35 meters to 12.30 meters and height of that is 11 meters. The roof has simple form but in outer view has gable roof. The beautiful flower role and relief has caved that during the history many of that has faded. The remain “ Pasargard” palaces is located near of tomb and you can visit these places. We describe more about another monuments environment of tomb but generally visit of these places take 2-3 hours so you sould to visit this place in morning or noon. The most famous and The most well-mannered king for all of the world. The historians believes to “ Cyrus the great” had the biggest kingdom in his time. The borders of Iran was in middle of Europe till beyond India.from Greece till other side of India. Additional of this his well mannered with his enemies and respect for their believes to their gods is really unique in all of the history and he wrote first human rights statement more than 2400 years ago. Another bold his work is released Jewish prisoner from BabylonKingdom. He never destroyed temples when Triumphed cites.