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The ancient castle

4.5 out of 5

Castles in Iran are one of most important destination for Iran travel agencies, “ Ghamchgha ”is one of these distinations.“ Ghamchagha “ castle is old castle, 60 K.M from of beautiful “ Bijar “ city is located in west of Iran in protected “ Bijar ” area, And has built on one of the region’s high mountains.The exact archaism of this wonderful Castle is not clear but at least it belongs to more than 4000 years ago. The inscription of castle has “ Heroglife “ role and relief and has written in “ Haratic “ language and we can comparing with “ soomeria “ handwrite and is one of most ancients inscriptions of Iran. The height of walls is about 200 meters and it has just one entrance for more security. The area of this castle is about 5000 meters and has many water Reservoir and many havens in underground with 41 steps in tunnel form which has caved on stones. This crenellated Castle has used in “ Parthian “ and “ Sasaanid “ period and during the history has been different uses. Many of historians believes to “ Marling “ cup has intermented here. Geographical location of the castle is special and attractive point for historians because of two reasons On the one hand overlooks the valley where it was fame as “ dareh Shahan “ ( kings valley)and because of horrible blades and cilffs an it was very difficult for climb and reach to castle.On the other hand, the Southwest, Southeast and East overlooking other cliff so didn’t need to fortifications for castle The remains of the fence walls reminiscent of Solomon’s bed monument ( Amazing Solomon’s bed or Takhte soleyman is one of the Iran attractive places located 100 K.M from north of castle and I described this place in past post ).as well as we all know Be close of historical places is positive point for whom ever want to trip to