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Nature bridge

4.5 out of 5

If you want to Trip to Iran, probably Tehran is one of your destinations. Tehran has many wonderful modern and old places for visit. One of these modern destinations is “ nature Bridge “ or in Persian language “ Pole Tabiat “. This amazing and beautiful bridge is located in Heart of Iran capital and is one of the new Iran attractive places is a beloved place for rest and having fun and enjoying the view of that for Iranian families and also this place is exchange to one of main destination for Iran travel agencies too. This bridge has built on “ Modares highway” and links “ Ab va atash “ park to “ Taleghani ” park. This bridge has built just for walking and hasn’t any same in middle east. The area I of this bridge is about 7000 meters, contain of : 720 meters used for green spaces,480 meters for restaurants and coffeshops. Recently this known as the one new Tehran symbol . Designing of this bridge Is inspired in “ Khajoo “ bridge( Khajoo bridge is historical bridge in Isfahan city and is one of the main Iran attractive places ). “ Nature bridge “ is fully compatible structure with nature and its reason of naming this bridge. You will have amazing experience in 40 meters height and walking in beautiful wooden floor with an area of ​​5100 square meters Or enjoy biking and carriage rides.Nature bridge has three floors, the first floor in 1450, second floor and third floor of 571 square meters in 2870 meters and also the agents want to build place for exhibition and gallery show.The designer of this bridge is young Iranian daughter that because of designing of “ Nature bridge ” successed to International award-winning architecture