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Iran is second destination for British people

4.5 out of 5

According to The Independent newspaper, Increase trip to Iran in recent years, This newspaper kept on its report : “ Airline British Airways ”Has decided to holding straight and direct flight to Iran as the one of hottest destination for 2017.ithink its important step for introducing of Iran attractive places“ Andro Shelton” cheap flight’s General manager said : Statistics show us Iran is now considered as one of main destination. Iran After Emirates, is second affordable with a long flight distance. British Airways has now returned to Iran and another Airlines may also follow them. AirFrance is returned to Iran In April And maybe reduce flight prices as soon as we think and its good news for Iran travel agencies and also for Iranians living in the UK. According to this report : Tehran flights daily from London Heathrow airport British Airways will launch in winter. The reopening of the Iranian Embassy in London, Cancelation of Sanctions and adaptable advices and Consultation for trip to Iran cause to increase reserves to Iran.“ Jay adventure travel company “ hold 14-day tour ‘Discover Persia “at a price of 1.889 euro ( Ground tour ), Has reported an increase in sales of more than 200 percent year on year. “ Rashel Vaser “ the Sell management of This company said : “ Magnificent mosques, Varied history and And unrivaled hospitality “ these are winner card of IranAccording to the English newspaper, of course, access to Iran still has limitations which if you have tour guide and benefit of a nice Iran travel agency, This problem will be resolved “ Fatemeh “Representative of “ Ivanoos “ said : “ its clear for everyone, The number of neighbors Iran experienced different degrees of instability, But Iran is still a very safe place. There is no reasonThat tourists feel that they will be threatened ”