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The story of American Senator traveled to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Jim Dabakys ” Utah ” Senator America, Has traveled to Iran. The US Democratic senators after returning from trip to Iran, has published his travel to Iran in an interview with TV channel ” KUTV ” Salt Lake City America. The visit Iran at the invitation of a university and was not politicized. He said : “ The Iranian people are lovers of Americans. They follow us for talking and were invited us to their homes. I think they are really hospitable.He kept on : The Iranian people are ready to normalize relations with America, even if their government is not prepared. The Main target of this trip was serve to “ Utah people “ and all of American people for finding a way to make peace between those who did not talk to each others. He immediately accept this invitation from A group of Iranian university. He said : If is a misunderstanding in today’s world, It is a problem between the Muslim world and the United States of America. He has added Interesting things has seen, There’s such a famous brand underwear “Victoria’s Secret” and The interest of the many Iranian people to Christianity. Dabakys has reached to Congress extended Utah State in 2012.I think the travels such as this, Can help to Friendly relations and generally its cause to increase trip to Iran and introduce Iran attractive places to people and in the end support Iran travel agencies.Please follow us on social medias