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Badab surat

4.5 out of 5

.“Badab Surat” stepped Springs Travertine’s unique and rare in the world. This Iran attractive place is located near of “ Arast “ village in one of green north Iran Province. This place has registered as seacond natural place after “ Damavand “ mount in national register and has confirmed as second The salty water fountain after “pamok kale“ in turkey. This springs from the north to the mountains and hills covered with forests with trees like conifers, From the south overlooking the valleys downstream and the vicinity of East are shrubs.”Badab” means to Carbonated water and “Surat” means to highly effect and is formed Pleistocene and Pliocene folds in the final Alborz (Quaternary Geology).This beautiful fountain is exchanging to main destination as natural Iran attractive place for Iran travel agencies. The fountain is located at the height of 1841 meters above sea level. Environment has covered by Wild barberry trees and Higher elevations is covered with forests of conifers. It includes several fountains with water quite different in terms of Color, Odor, Taste and volume of water. The first fountain has salty taste and high depth. The second is located in north-west from first fountain, has blue-red and orange color and is sour tasty. Stream sediment and mineral waters of the springs over the years In the downstream slope of the mountain, creates over than thousand floors and over than 70 beautiful tiered pool with red, Orange, blue, yellow color.In fact this ponds and classes are main reason for visit this place.Best time for visit this amazing place is “may and june” while mountains has nice climate. The sun set in “Badab suart” is very dreamatic. If you looking for ECO tours and natural places, you should to trip to Iran and also you can touch with us for more information 1