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The only island in Caspian sea

4.5 out of 5

“Ashuradeh” or “Ashoor” is name of beautiful island in north of” golestan “ province and is located in Caspian sea, 25 K.M from “Bandar torkaman” city and is only Iranian island in Caspian sea. This island archipelago in some historical sources as Ashuradeh which consists of three island that With the rise water level at the end of both small island submerged in water and is now only one remaining island. island from the north to the Caspian Sea, from the East to the narrow strait known as the Strait of “pipe Oghli” and From the West to the channel and Khzyny natural peninsula and continues to “Miankaleh” And on the south lead to the Gulf of “Gorgan”. The island is very important in term of historically. By the end of World War II, the island was in the hands of the Russians.Ashuradeh have been recorded in the international area as 59-th natural reserves. That’s why it has a large impressive animal life. Ashuradeh and more importantly Peninsula Miankaleh one of the country’s wildlife protected areas. If you like in natural tours, You should to trip to Iran because In addition to this place, Iran has many another beautiful and unique natural places, Iran is land of waters, Deserts, waterfalls, mountains and jungles.The vegetation of the island, raspberry bushes, a self-propelled thorns and sour pomegranate trees And animals live on the island such as jackals, foxes, rabbits, fish, pheasant, partridge and sea birds. Observe eastern angling, waterfront, facilities Bandar Torkmen coast of the island Ashuradeh is very eye-catching. And in cold seasons this Iran attractive place is host of rare birds and you can take amazing photos here