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Khajoo bridge

4.5 out of 5

If you want to trip to Iran, you should to visit “ Isfahan “ city as main destination and full of historical places. Bridge is one of the Iran attractive places and is main destination for Iran Travel agencies. ocated on “ Zayande rud “ river in east of “ sio se pol ” bridge in heart of Iran beyond “ Isfahan “ city. Historians believes to the main target of built this monument is has linked Khajoo neighborhood and “ Hasan abad “ Entrance to “Takhte foolad “ and “ Shiraz “entrance. This bridge has changed many names during history such as : “ Shah “ bridge (king ) bridge, “ Baba rokonodin” and “ Hasan beyg” bridge and nowadays because of loctead in “Khajoo” neighborhood is known as “ Khajoo “ bridge. The archaism of this structure is related to more than 400 years ago. Special place is located In beyond bridge for king and his family, it name is “ biger beyki “ , this structure has many dime with elegance paint on its walls. In the past king sat down here and visited Watch for swimming and boating competitions in fact this bridge is most famous more than its brothers on “ Zayandeh rud “ river between tourists because of beautiful tiling and elegance decorations. Length of bridge is 133 meters and has 12 meters width and also has 24 spans.The bridge was one of the most beautiful bridges in the world’s “Safavid” era, more it used for dam.two stones line statue are located In the corner of east-south that are symbol of “Bakhtiari” troops and protection of the river. Many of famous poets has poems about beauty of “Khajoo bridge