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Introduction of Iran attractive places in German Magazine

4.5 out of 5

Sympathie magazin” Having devoted a recent issue to Iran, Has described new realities about Iran attractive places For Travel lovers and adventure in unknown lands and invite them to trip to Iran. With his usual slogan ” More To know, More visit ” invited audience, become familiar to With a new concept of a country where news media outlet is limited to the nuclear bomb. The German magazine on its cover image of Iran dedicated to the Iranian girls today. In this number has tried to be shown Many aspects of the lives of Iran people. It kept on : Iranian understanding is engaging and impactfull and survey Iran’s diplomatic relations with the West after the nuclear agreements and earlier. We can be introduced Iran as best tourism country around the world. Various extraordinary country and has one of the oldest cultures in the world. In fact, Iran is a destination for all those interested in discovering new and old cultures and civilizations ,as well as we all know nowadays middle east is not safe unfortunately, Araq, Turkey, Pakestan, Surya, Lobenan are Warring nations but Iran is a safe destination for tourists. This magazine additional of introducing Iran attractive places and describe reasons for trip to Iran, invited people to visit and discover the mysterious Iran, the land full of natural and historical places for Different tastes I hope the report like this will can help to more introduce Iran attraction and also cause to Cooperation between Iran travel agencies and another agencies from all of the world