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Wonderful “Sheykh bahee” bathroom

4.5 out of 5

“Sheykh bahee” bathroom is located in one of the main streets of “Isfahan” city. The archaism of bathroom is belongs “ Safavieah “ period, About 500 years ago. This bathroom is most famous of Isfahan’s bathrooms and it has designed and built in “ first Abas king” . this historical bathroom is located beyond “ masjed jame “(main mosque) and “Harooniea” and environment of the famous “Darbe emem” tomb and because of locating near of this structures, during the history has been reported some Myths between local people.If you want to trip to Iran, Certainly “Isfahan” is one of the main cities for tourists and will be on your plane. One of the specifics of this monument is locating near another historical place and you can visit many historical places at least time but main specific of this Iran attractive place that it has changed to unique bathroom is water heating system.“Sheykh bahee” bathroom has two important secrets: first is The bath water was only warm with a candle and second is always this candle has been light. This system that has designed by great famous Iranian Scientist “Sheykh bahaee”. We haven’t any information about this amazing candle except the candle has built by gold and probably its reason of theft that. The bathroom is contain of a pool and many cisterns and also elegance interior and a place has maden in marble stones for massaging, a place for rest and a place for Eat, drink Isfahanan water ( Sharbate Golab) and it is shows part of Iranian culture. You can observe many historical paints on the walls and has two separate cloakrooms, For men and women.