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historical “Khajeh” mount

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If you are one of the people who want to trip to Iran, you shoul to know more information about east-south of Iran because of locating legendaryDesert and natural attractive place such as “Lipar” like or “Martian” mountain and also locating many ancient places I this local of Iran. Historical “Khajeh” mount is The only natural complication in “Sistan” plain and is located in east-south of Iran, in “Sistan” province and near of “Zabol” city. This land near of “Hirmand” river is known place for Iran travel agencies where many Evidence of civilizations is located in its bottom of heart. The civilizations that has been shaped because of “Hirmand” river and also “Hamoon” lake which archaism of many of them reaches to more than 5000 years ago. This trapezoid-shaped mountain is made of black basalt rocks and with height of 609 meters from sea level, When filled with water, forms a small island in the “Hamoon”lake. On the mountain we can see traces of ancient monuments related to different historical periods. This mount during the history has changed many names such as “ ooshida “ and “ Rostam kooh “. “ooshida” in middle Persian language is means to “ Eternal ”. This trapezoid-shaped mountain is holy for three religions Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrianism.In the Avesta ( The Iranian holy book that archaism of that reaches to between 1200-1500 years before Quran ) has brought as holy Aooshydm mountains has mentioned as place of worship Ahura Mazda Zoroastrian. The environment of this mount many historical monuments is located from “Sassanid” era, “Parthian” era, remnants of the Places Islamic and Buddhist temple (these monuments belongs to 3000 till 600 years ago)such as “ Palaces complex”, “Kohak koohazad”castle, “Chehel Dokhtar” (forty daughters) castle, “Sarsang” (stoness head)castle, tomb of “Haji ghaltan”, building of “Pirgandome beryan”, “Khaneh Sheytan” (devil house) where first three of them is belong to before Islam Era. If you want to know about these Iran attractive places, can contact with us by