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Ancient Iran Museum

4.5 out of 5

“Ancient Iran Museum” is one of main destination for Iran travel agencies and also for whom ever interested in trip to iran. this museum is located in heat of old context of Tehran city and is host more than thousand visitors per days. This museum with more than 60 years archaism is biggest and oldest museum in Iran. external Overview of museum has built like to header of “ Taq Kasra “ ( porch Ctesiphon ). (is one of main palaces in “Sasanid” period in “Tifsoon” city ). The bricks of the same color to dark red color designated to represent the Sasanian architecture. The museum building has about 11, 000 square meters main building and has been created on three floors Museum has many valuable and unique objects that oldest of them are belong to Paleolithic period (between 12000-1000000 years ago) and newts objects are belong to “Sasanid” period (about 1500 years ago). The oldest handmade object is decoration stone has built in “Bazalt” belong to 1000000 years ago that has discovered in east of Iran near “Mashhad” city. Other interesting collection is “Darband va Ganj” section belong to 700000 years ago.The different parts of this Iran attractive place are The paleolithic Pre-history Historical section Islamic section The stamp and coin Repair section The inscriptions The pottery Osteology section Library and Documentation Center The purpose has been established the museum, preservation and research on the effects of past, present and future display and transfer them to develop and reinforce understanding among peoples and nations, Discovering and showing their contribution to world culture and civilization Help and efforts in improving public knowledge, especially schoolchildren, students and researchers . Keep in touch with us for Supplementary information