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Trip to Iran by best trains

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The tour, titled “Gold Line”, includes the route from “ Tehran ” to “ savadkooh” Which will stop on its way to the tourist stations on the way and you able to visit Iran attractive places where loacted in the way. This tour has held recently can attracts many of tourists who had Trip to Iran. This less known tour with Iran travel agencies can easily motivate you for memorble Trip to Iran. The starting point is from the Tehran railway stationAfter getting out of Tehran we reach the fertile and beautiful plain of “ Varamin “ and after that we will visit amazing desert of “ Garmsar “.Then take the rails next to “ Hable rood”Hable River and get to the first station on our trips. “ Gapa tour “ as the one of the most experienced Iran travel agencies invite you to read Continue readingToday post. This tour has held every Saturday. This tour includes: breakfast, dinner, lunch, expert advice and insurance. The clock for movement is 7:15 minutes and the clock returns and reaches the Tehran railway is 22:15.The Train Tour, the third form of train application, in addition to the load and travel of passengers. On the trains of tourism, the goal is not to reach the destination but the main point is enjoy from ever moment of your travel and this is blodest aspect of difference between Types of Travel with train So in these trains, speed and time to reach has very small role. If you interested to visit Iran attractive places with train, this is good chance for reach to your wishes. Iran with more than thousands historical and natural places can be good destination for travel lovers. keep in touch with us for receive Iran tourism information