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Norouz or Nowroz

4.5 out of 5

Persian calendar is one of oldest in the world, more enjoy with your travel to Iran during the spring and visit Iran with our best Iran tours. Iranian people celebrate their new year with first day of spring on their calendar 20th MARCH. They believe after winter that it’s a cold period of life time everything born again, all families and people visit each other and elders giving gifts to Youngers. With calculating of astronomers new year time is different every year and Persian families make a table that its name is HAFT SIN (seven S): they put green Grass with believing life and born, apple for healthy and heaven fruit, Anode for love and good mind, Samanoo for power, Garlic for healthy and contentment, vinegar for satisfaction and Crane for sunrise. But you have to know in Persian language all names are different and starting with S.