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Know before trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Iran has many different race of people with many different languages, if you visit Iran will find out each city has different culture and seems your trip to Iran is trip to different countries. Although their culture is different but all the people love tourists and they like to help their guests and always welcome them with smile, do not be surprise during of your trip if local people invite you to their home. Many of exciting and best UNESCO Heritage sites (more than 20 sites) are in Iran and in other side Iran tours are very economic and cheap. Please note when you travel to Iran need cash money because credit cards are not working there and women’s need a simple hijab, it’s very interesting for tourists when they can have different experience of life. It’s very easy and not strict for tourists, just you need a simple scarf on your head and long shirt. Iran has many different option of trips for you like biggest water cave in the world, because of more than 6,000 years history unique historical and culture packages with wonderful sites to visit, adventure and desert packages with majestic views and different exciting experiences like living with nice Nomad people and…