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Know before Iran tours

4.5 out of 5

Iran is primitive country, so the best way to travelling to Iran is by having a perfect tour with a professional Iran tour operator.

 If you come to Iran confidently you should visit best of historical areas such as: Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan (Isfahan), Kashan, Tabriz, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Ahwaz, Yazd, Kerman. That’s true Iran is land of secrets and has unique history, that’s why everywhere of this land is interesting for everyone.

Iran has many different race of people with many different languages, if you visit Iran will find out each city has different culture and seems your trip to Iran is trip to different countries.

Although their culture is different but all the people love tourists and they like to help their guests and always welcome them with smile.

With more than 80 million population and 1.648 million km² its one of biggest country in the middle-east and with many different type of the local foods and restaurants you have chance to get many new experiences.

Capital of Iran is Tehran with about twelve million population that some part of most famous tourist sites are in this city and modern style building and architect is beside of old town of city with long history.



Information for travel to Iran

There is some important point you need to know about your trip to Iran:

1.Good and cheap

Iran tours are very interesting but economic and cheap


 many of exciting and best UNESCO sites are in Iran such as: CHOGHA ZANBIL, PERSPOLIS AND PASARGAD, ALIGHAPO SQ, KALUT DESERT, BAAM CITADEL, Armenian monastic church, Bistun, Masjid Jaame (mosque jameh), Golestan palace, Shush and Shushtar, Persian garden and many more others.

3. Four season

 Iran is one of middle-east countries but most different of them. They have neighbor from north Russia and from south Emirates. But the summer is not so hot like Arabian country and winter not so frizzing like Russia.

 Iran has four season and incredible point is at the same time you can go to the north for skiing and to the south for swimming, that’s why whole of the year many tourists visit Iran.



4. Credit cards

 when you travel to Iran need cash money because credit cards are not working there.

5.Chose a good agent to give you 24 hours support and correct advice

We suggest choose a good Iran tour operator and there is some points to clear that such as companies with different department of tours, ticket, hotel reservation that they can cover all your services, especially if they have ticketing you can check them with IATA (International Air Transport Association).

6. Check your hotel locations to save your time

7. Ask your agent to give you all information and services or itinerary clearly

8. If you are going to visit Iran and weather is important for you

 should know Iran has four season and there is two high season because of good weather, first one is starting from mid of MARCH until JUN and second one is starting from end of AUG until mid of DEC.

9. Currency

Rial and Tooman. The thing that you should attention is the argument of Rial and Tooman, basic money of Iran is Rial but people in market don’t count one of zero’s and call it Tooman. For example 100,000 Rial but people call it 10,000 Tooman.

10. Hijab

 it’s very interesting for tourists when they can have different experience of life. It’s very easy and not strict for tourists, just you need a simple scarf on your head and long shirt.



Visit Iran

Iran is one of most popular destinations for tourists on these years because of many reasons such as friendly people, rich in history and culture, amazing foods, nice weather and unique handicrafts.

 Some people are looking for beach and nightlife, some looking for shopping and some history and culture.

Iran tours give you very nice and exciting holiday with different type of experiences, because Iran is land of history with thousands year and biggest kings of the world.

 Other famous name of this beautiful country is Persia. Iran has many different race of people with many different languages and when you visit Iran will find out each city has different culture.

Do not be surprise during of your Iran tours if local people invite you to their home. This land of Persia is shining with Caspian Sea in the north and Persian Gulf in the south and with more than 6,000 years history and many sites of UNESCO HERITAGES can give a unique.

 You can find best options of Historical and cultural packages, adventure and Eco tours, camping and sport trips or even in these years is a special destination for healthcare packages.

With new rule of government some years ago more than 80 countries people can travel to Iran without visa and get their visa on arrival, GAPA TOUR as one of most active Iran tour operators is providing for all their passengers free Insurance, authorization code for who prefer to receive the visa before trip, daily mineral water, special company gift and local Sim card and 24 hours support.

For your Iran tour packages we can offer many different kind of trips like mountain, biggest water cave in the world, historical and culture packages with wonderful sites to visit, adventure and desert packages with majestic views, different exciting experiences like living with nice Nomad people and even Iran healthcare packages and…


Gapa tour team invite you to have your trip with professional team and best hospitality of 24 hours support.


We provide free Insurance, daily mineral water, authorization code for visa and only use professional guides for our tours with tourism ministry license, all guides escort our passengers during their trip to Iran.