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Azadi tower

4.5 out of 5

It’s been a long time that azadi tower in Tehran is known as an urbun symbol of this big city and its one of the most popular destinations for  travel to iran and every day iran travel agencies send their visitors to visit this place
Azadi tower is located in the west of Tehran and has oldness more than 45 years and it was designed by Iranian architect Hosein Amanat

azFirst, this white tower was named as Shahyad but that after 1357 revolution in Iran it changed to Azadi tower(freedom tower)

azadi tower

The architecture of this tower is an  admixtion of experience of the many  centuries Iranian architecture and newage architecture.Sudoriferous tiling by A turquoise blue used clealy that its Associates structre taste and art.

This structure has an entrance about  45meters height and the width of feet is about 64 meters and area of under is about 78000 meters
Nowadays the parts of tower are containung Iranian museum hall, facts on hall, library, Conference hall and holding concert hall

The Museum has objects from different Iran histories such as Sassanid civilization, Parthian civilization and Achaemenian civilization.The different parts of it include

Ancient hall

Ancient hall that shows historical object

Stone, gem and sparkler museum

The collection stones  is rare set  compsed from Precious stones and Semiprecious which were collected from all of the world.Diamond, amber, Emerald, Ruby and Agate are samples of this set

Stone, gem and sparkler museum