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The fire as old as history

4.5 out of 5

Today we want to describe one of Iran attractive place that its very holy for Iranian people and its one of destination for Iran travel agencies that help to who want to travel to Iran

Yazd  Atashkadeh (fire temple) is near to Marker square (one of the oldest local in Yazd). Bahram temple and Varhoram are other name of temple. This temple belongs to Zoroastrians (Zoroaster is original Iranian religion belongs to zoroast Iranian prophet is older than Islam that “ Good thoughts, good words, good deeds ” motto caused promotion lifestyle. After Islam attack, zoroasters have being pale and more paler. Nowadays these Minority have Scattered in Iran, india and all of the world) which is many centuries pray at this holy place

 For log in to every holy place has customs and custom for log in to this holy place for pray are wearing white dresses and cleaning body

The icon upper of entrance is name Farvahar  which wings are regeant  ‘ Good thoughts, good words, good deed ’The basin front of temple is Specifications of fire temple that covered by coins of people for Hoping to crave acceptance

 The fire at temple has been kept away for at least 1500 years. This fire for to be safe has transferrd Frequently and at this moment fire save by a person named “Hirbod”. Fire save back of the glass

Philosophy of holy fire for Iranian people is Discovery of fire by Iranian people ( reference to Hooshang kingdom at Ferdowsi Shahnameh ) and it have been Warmth, Energizer and Luminous for people and already have been holyA place was made for fire protection and pray god front of fire because they believe to god is light and god Expression is from of light

Its many years temple has opened its doors to tourists. if you want to trip to Iran dont miss this case