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Avicenna tomb

4.5 out of 5

Avicenna was Doctor, Philosopher and Iranian famous scientist and his tomb is in Hamedan city which is one of the most important cities for Iran tours and who want to travel to Iran and for Iran travel agencies

The base of tomb is about 792 meters and area of whole structure is about 3090 meters.Tomb has built to celebrate the millennium of his birth with command one of grandchildren’s king 200 years ago and Facade is made of marble

Structure has twelve columns which every column is symbol of one of the Sciences that He had mastered it. we should say in Parenthesis doctor day in Iran is Avicenna birthday  Also in entrance of United Nations building is place scientist, philosopher and Astrologer To gratitude for their services to The international community that all of them are Iranian and one of them is Avicenna

Avicenna statue and other Iranian scientists front of United nation building

.One of his Compilations is Ghanoon book ( the rules ) about Medicine that had beenTaught for many centuries such as one of most the important references in Iran  and Europe universities Still Medical community many of Development Indebted to Avicenna. If you want to trip to Iran and Hamedan is of your destination don’t miss this case