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Henna tattoo

4.5 out of 5

Today we want to introduce one of local ancient culture that related to many  Iran provinces that it become a reason for travel to Iran by Iran travel agencies 

Tattoo by Henna is one of oldest Iran tradition, specially Iran south  which archaism Henna tattoo root related to many centuries ago. Henna Tattoo is custom  in Asia, India  and Africa

In the past painted and draw amazing role of relief by Henna on hand and feet bride in Wedding Night. Remian tattoo effect between one week and three or more week than it depend on Henna type, Henna dose and your skin and also Persistent of tattoo depends on the way you protect your skin, your tattoo and color chemical stabilityTemporary tattoos is advantage for someone who wont has Permanent tattoo on their bodies. Original henna color is  black reddish and Taken from a plant of the same name.  One of henna tattoo advantage is not using needle that it cause you can tattoo on your body without any pain

if you are about to trip to Iran don miss the chance of trying this custom