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Abianeh village is one the Iran attractive places such as red Emerald in heart of desert is place at 30 k.m from Natanz. This exclusive village by Preserving tradition and Preserving the rural context such as Meymand village, Kandovan, shows off for Iran travel agencies and who want to trip to Iran The local name of village is Viona (willow garden). during the history it used to  place for kings rest. All the houses has built on mild tilt so that downstream houses has built yards of upstream fact we know village as the Multi-storey Village. Face of houses has built by Brick, stone and red soil that prepare from near of village. Many digs are places in mountion near the village use  for barn and warehouses

We visit rarely people on local dresses  but in Abianeh most of people waering local dresses. Village has 7 Aqueduct for garden IrrigationWe can observe apple, pear, apricots, Plum, Almonds and Walnut gardens In abundance. central Mosque, Hajatgah mosque, Borzuleh mosque, Yahya and Isa princes tombs and fire temple are historical places in village that we will describe these places in details in future posts

One of the Souvenir is Lavashak, most Delicious thing in the world! Handmade treasures, carpet and Giveh (cotton shose) are other souvenir. Dairy and fruits are fame and these can be use as souvenior of Abianeh.Local foods like other Iranian desert foods are delicious, simple and natural which most popular of them is Golpa that  its made of maze and other things. Karvani is other local food made of fry onion, mint and curd. Abianeh by tradition atmosphere and historical place can motivate you for trip to Iran