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Amazing Menarjonban

4.5 out of 5

If you want to trip to Iran, you should to visit Esfahan and specially Menarjonban (vacillatory tower) as the Iran attractive place. In Iran some structures have ability to jolt. Menarjonban is one of the most important jolt structures. Menarjonban is place in Najafabad road  6  K.M  from Esfahan that its Iranian mystic “Amoo abdolah karladani” tomb related to more than 700 years ago. Structure  before was place in out of city, at Karladan village which by progress of urbun spacees, its locate about at city now

Structure area  is about 146 meters and height of tower to top roof is 7.5 meters and height from up to yard is 10.5 meters. wall  Surfaces and arch surdecesare design by  elegance Ultramarine blue that in some places its combined by Zigzag bricks (its one of the symbols of mystic structures)

If you go up the stairs and push average wall by your hands, tower begins to jolt and it cause to other towers begin to jolt and finally all the structure begin to swing! we can just observe the tower movement and you cant understand jolt structure but you can understand by a test. If you put the water glass on “Amoo abdolah” grave and then begin to jolt tower, You will be able to see the water surface fluctuations

The use of bricks with special characteristic with High  Reactionary factors and use physics rules its symbol of builders technical knowledge, unfortunately Anonymous buildersIn the past people could up to stairs for jolt but nowadays officials don’t permission do it for protect of it, every half hour One of the guides who have traveled to Iran jolt structure for observe others. The reason of jolt structure is not clear after centuries but some scientist believe to Physical phenomen intensifies or physical phenomenon of resonance is part of reason of jolt.This amazing structure can invite and Persuasion for trip to Iran and also you can benefit of Iran travel agencies for come to Iran and various packages

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