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Falakolaflak castle

4.5 out of 5

Falakolaflak castle is one of the most Iran attractive places that annul is destination for Iran travel agencies and who want to trip to Iran
It is located in the west of Iran at Khoramabad city(this region is famous because of the nice climate, hospitable people and several historical and ancient places) up the ancient hill that its impend to all around.
The time which this historical monument has built is not clear but many of histotriographers believe that the time is related to the first Shapoor king (more than 1700 years ago). The area is about 5300 meters and has 300 shelters, 8 towers and 2 halls

he highest wall from the hill is about 23 meters. After you enter the entrance, you reach to big yard beyond the castle that in corner of that there is a water shaft by 40 meters depth which parepare water for people who live in castle and Golestan source is flow at north of hill that help to manifold  of beauty of this castle

The castle during the history has changed many names such as Shapoorkhast fort, Saberkhast, Dezber and Khoramabad castle,however it’ s name is Falakolaflak now and it means “sky of skies”  and the reason of that is 12 towers which point to 12 Horoscope of sky and its name is metaphorical to anybody have not power of capture it

In the past it used to be for towerwatch and for militaries but now it’s one the most important museums of Iran. Museum has different and various parts, Museum of Anthropology,a part shows ancient culture and lifestyle of local people by dolls models, tombstones that are different from other tombstones and that is at the up of the tombstones lithographed a part of life of the person.The  Other part of the museum is a place for keeping and conserving  valuable ancient things related to BC.If you want to trip to Iran, certainly visit of this castle fit into your plan

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