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Local Tajrish bazaar

4.5 out of 5

Our today’s post is about a place that few Iran travel agencies introduce this place for their passengers .Valiasr street with more than 16 K.M length is the longest and one of the most  beautiful streets in the middle east. Raceways on both sides and Towering plane trees have doubled the beautiness of the street. At the end of street we reach to Tajrish square (one of the oldest squares in Tehran) and at the corner of square Tajrish bazaar is located. In the old context use beauty tiling and vaulting. Old cells and narrows and old Contemporary architecture caused Bazaar to be a destination for who want to trip to Iran. Bazar such as many of Iranian bazaars has designed Linearly. At the end of one narrows Emamzadeh Saleh (Saleh shrine) is located (tomb of holy person that many person come for Pilgrimage)

People come to bazaar involve a wide range of people. Many of them come for shopping, many for pilgrimage of Emamzadeh Saleh and many of them are tourists who    trip to Iran with Iran tours and want to visit Iranian bazaar with special Architecture While there are a variety of products for shopping. At bazaar you can find everything with any Quality. You can eat Iranian foods like Ash, kebab, Dizi, Kalepache or buy valuable stones and ring like Agate Emerald and Brilliant

At the other part of the Bazaar there are fruit markets and The nostalgic smell of fruits get Every human being magic. You can find variety fresh fruits and vegetables  and various herbs here and There is also a section for the purchase of Iranian carpets and fabrics Which has its fans. This Iran attractive place can attract you if you have not seen before Iranian bazaar closely

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