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A temple such as Chinese temples style in heart of Iran

4.5 out of 5

Today we want to describe one place that it can motivate you trip to Iran and is one of the destination for many of Iran travel agencies

Dash kasan (its Turkish  word and its means to stone cutter) temple or dragon temple is a stone structure is located 15 K.M from Soltanieh city ( a city full of historical places) in Zanjan province. when  arrive to entrance of temple, you can observe 3 digs on hill that all of them has engraved in heart of mount

Dragon has existed in Iranian culture but dragons of dash kasantemple aren’t Iranian and has Chinese Originality.  When you walk in temple, imagine you are in china. This structure belongs to before Islam (more than 1400 years ago) and in Ilkhans period its Renovated.this is one the most important Iran attraction places and so mysterious as well as when you visit structure make you strange felling on your heart. temple has 2  carved dragon reliefs and many elegance Sanctuaries that they are really unique. the area of temple is 100 meters in 50 meters and reach in north to extensive plain.These reliefs In terms of architecture are one of the most important and valuable in Iran. The width of dragon relief is 5 meters and height of that is about 1/5 meters, its biggest relief in temple

Also temple has many  beauty Niches skillfully has engraved. You can see   Longitudinal symmetry everywhere. Temple is located near ” Soltan Mohammad Khodabande ” tomb and access road to it is Gravel road but you van access to it by vehicle easily. At this moment many of parts of temple has destroyed but still observe reliefs clearly

2 dragons are such as temple Guards invite you to trip to Iran and you can before visit this place, observe other historical places of this area

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