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Anahita temple

4.5 out of 5

 If you interested in trip to Iran, our today offer is ancient temple as one of the Iran attractive places  is a destination for Iran travel agencies.  Temples during history has been important and valuable position for middle east and specially for Iran

Architecture of  temples depend on to culture and geographic position of area

Anahita temple belongs to Parthian( 211 B.C ) period and in Sassanid period (330 A.D )completedTemple is located in Kangavar  (  between Hamedan and Kermanshah city. Temple area is about 6/4 Hectare.Anahita is name of nature, water and beauty Goddess and has high position for Iranian people

Remnants of this enormous structure remains in 209 meters of 224 meters, up the “Silis” Volcanic hill. This temple such as other Iranian temples has made Top of the podium. The height of columns has been 54 meters( you can imagine the greatness of temple). This temple after Takhte jamshid (Persepolis)is biggest stone monument of Iran. Temple has made by stones and plaster. In the past Creek waters was conducted around in the temple and Has formed a beautiful watery and it shows art of design and Engineering of Iranian in the past. The other wonderful point is Diameter of walls in many places reach to more than 18 meters

Unfortunately after 1958 earthquake A lot of damages Emerged to the monument but you can observe glory and greatness of that. In the past not so old has made a village top of this historical site. More than 50 years ago a team of archaeologists came to this area for investigate and Estimated area of site is about 53000 meters and while they found  to  historical and valuable of this area, can transfer people of village to other place. You can visit this amazing ancient temple by Iran tours that will be hold every year