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Rainbow island

4.5 out of 5

Hormoz is island beyond Persian gulf with area about  42 square kilometer. Hormoz because of geographic position during the history has named As the key of Persian gulf and had Thrive business during the time.This island in the colonial era Occupied by England, Portugal Frequently so culture of these countries has combined by Iranian culture but in 1622 AD got out from foreign occupation

Hormoz Is remembered as the wondrous  geographic  place for geologists is known as the one of the Iran attractive places and is destination for who want to trip to Iran for its beautyA place where colorful mountains has created  Wonders of Creation. every year many geologists come to this place for investigate and also painters for paint. If you are one of these groups or fan of these travel to Iran and specially Hormoz island can orgasm your soul

The soil of island has most of minerals. And it is natural museum of mineral. These minerals has value for Lapidarians, minerals such as Zhyps, kelit, hematit, olozhist,riolit and tofe  that  the last two are component of Volcanic rocks. You can’t found a place like Hormoz that observe  variety of color spectrum in the one place. This all colors are really terms of biology Hormoz is The most important salt dome in the world. These old island has Millions of years archaism

The red soil of island has Iron compounds. With its entry into the sea, part of beach sea get reddish,it is really Limitless beauty

Hormoz people has local food, its name “Galak” which its made by Citrus, Sardine fish and red soil and fry these on local bread, its really delicious

Annual happen a festival that has made biggest soil carpet in the worldIf you want to come to Iran and use Iran travel agencies,Hormoz can one of the best choose for you Follow us to know more about Hormoz in our future posts

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