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Birds garden

4.5 out of 5

Tehran birds garden is biggest natural birds garden in the world with area about 23 hectares, its more than 2 years has opened. Walking into garden while Roast Goose And Partridge Accompany you,is so exciting and relaxing.Garden has made in 2 parts

First is name “Dashtchar” for birds are in cage or can’t  fly

Second has area less than first and is name “Abchar” for birds can fly

At this garden use most natural tools for build such as stone, wood, reed and straw which Altogether Natural space has created. if you want to trip to Iran and search place for peace, Tehran birds garden is exactly place that can gives your peace Winding path with stone carpeted, Clear streams, mild climate, the beautiful scenery all covered by flowers and green, waterfall, small and big lakes and wooden bridge are Features of this unique garden its change to one of the most important natural Iran attractive places When you pass the gate, first thing that draws Your attention are parrots tell you wellcome to birds garden

In north section you can observe untamed birds such as Eagle and Buzzard In middle section saving birds like Peacock, Pelikan, Pheasant, Flamingo and etc In north section are birds such as Duck, Bird goose and white and black swan And also for kids, old person and dysgenic person Small electric vehicle is provided for So that they can easily see everywhere in the park think there is a few  Iran travel agencies that has visit this place in their plan but if you want they can set up private tour for you

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