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water Alisadr cave

4.5 out of 5

“Alisadr cave” is located 75 K.M from “Hamedan” and near “Kaboodrahang” city and 1900 meters from sea level, is one of the Natural Wonders in the world is a destination for Iran travel agencies and tourists who want to trip to Iran You can choose 3 paths for reach to this Iran attractive place Urban path, Rural path and road path This cave is located in “sari gheih”(means to yellow rock) mountains In this mount, Two other caves there ”sarab” and “soobashi” that 7 and 11 K.M in order away from Alisadr cave Geologists have announced archaism of rock is about 136 between 192 million years ago(first period of Jurassic)Many evidences obtained Early Humans lived in this cave The amazing stones from combine of water rain and carbon dioxide in the air formed The weak Carbonic acid then after Chemical reaction, In the calcareous formed many gaps and after millions years created these stones One of the Properties of this place is boat riding that its really excited.You can visit one of the natural wonders places by boat. The water of this exclusive cave without color and Odorless and its so clear so that you can see easily 10 meters depth with usual light and there is no organism lives Water depth is different between 0 and 14 meters and Comes from underground aquifers its ”Alisadr cave” has talent for motivate you to trip to Iran. These exclusives views witch every visitors Wooden villas, hotel, parking, ground for play children, shopping mall, restaurant and handicraft bazaar are other Accommodations of this place