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Mysterious Takhte-soleyman

4.5 out of 5

Our today post is about mysterious area where Solomon prophet lived there for a long time so stay tuned with us . “Takhte-soleyman “ ancient complex is located in 42 K.M from “Tekab “city in “Azarbejan” province and it can motivate you for trip to Iran Archaism of this ancient area is about 3000 years ago and is one the most important Iran attractive places and is important destination for Iran travel agencies too.this historical place has registered in UNESCO as the fourth Iranian historical place. In this complex Identified many historical thing from Sassanid period, Aylkhan period and mongolia period and we expect in future will identify more historical things. In the pas there was a city where Aylkhan, Sassanid, Parthian, Medians and Achaemenian people lived here that during the history this city has destroyed Takhte-soleyman copmlex is vontain of many Sassanid palaces and Azargashasb fire temple. In naer of this complex are 2 other historical complex ”Zendane soleyman (Solomon jail)” and “takhte belgheys” that Zendane soleyman complex is related to 1000 B.CMany of Historians believes here is birthday place of near of yhis place is a beauty lake and in north of lake fire temple is locate which fire of that till 1000 years ago never extinguished and this fire is one of the most important and was one of three holiest Sassanid fire Iranian kings such as Khosroparviz and Bahram goor gifted Spoils of war.In 3 K.M from Takhte-soleyman, ancient hill with 100 meters depth is locate and its famous as the Zendan soleyman where Solomon chained devils and Takht belghyes is located in 7.5 K.M from north east of Takhte-soleyman .you van visit many Sassanid monument there.The most mysterious thing about this place is magical lake. Lake is full of valuable thing but no one cant swimming or diving into that. no one come out alive Travel to Iran is best choose for visit mysterious places with beauty and strange stories