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Rainbow mountain

4.5 out of 5

“Ala dagh dar” are colorful mountain in east north of Tabriz [Tabriz is city full of tourism place and is destination for Iran travel agencies] and has started “Mianeh “city and keeps on to “Tabriz-Ahar” (“Ala dagh dar “is a Turkish world and its means to colorful mountain ) In first glance, you imagine you stay front of big paint book but when more care about that, you pay attention to power of God. When you observe this view alive, you think you are in another planet in the Solar System. This mountains related to Upper Red structure that in local center of Iran in terms of ( Geological classification ) take on ayvshen Tuffsand Red color shows Oxide condition Colors of this Iran attractive place contain of Red, Copper, Brown, Yellow, White, Green and blue in beauty different spectrum and specially Red , Copper and Yellow in hot weather and in suit light is best case for Photography and you can take fantastic photos here. Every year many of tourists that want to trip to Iran, nominate this place for taking photos Even though observe from afar is so enjoyable but our advice to you is let a few hours for go rounding beyond the mountains because every where of “Ala dagh dar” has unique form and color and type of stones are different . passing the streams on hillside creates very beautiful effects. The number of mountain like this are not more than fingers of your hands and most probably will Register at UNESCO in near future.Several villages located in the mountains because of using soils of local area, color of houses are Red