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Alexander jail

4.5 out of 5

As well as you know Iran is a country with full of ancient places and also Yazd in center of Iran that is beyond the desert is one of the sample of this terms. our today post is about “zandane eskandar”(jail of Alexander), one of Iran attractive places as a important destination of Iran travel agencies and whom ever want to trip to Iran. This amazing place is located in ancient context which is near the other historical monuments and its important point for tourist who wants to trip to Iran.In fact this place is a school with 8 centuries archaism. This monument has made of different parts A dig is located in middle of the yard with 8 meters depth . the height of dome is about 18 meters And it has many elegance fasicas which designed with gold and oil color (many parts of them has been destroyed so far because of natural disasters such as earthquick and …) Many historians believe to archaism of this monument is related to Greece attack to Iran and it had been used as a horrible jail that after many centuries it has changed to school The built of this place is has been done in two steps: first has made as a dome and after 100 years concurrent with Mongolia attack has been made as a ancient school and it shows Iranian people even during the war and difficult positions care abouts to science. After this attack, First builder grandson completed this monument You can also visit our pervious posts for more information about another places adjacent to Alexander jail such as fire temple or “Amirchakhmagh “complex If you are interested in historical places, certainly Yazd with ancient archaism can reconcile you