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Amazing Ab anbar

4.5 out of 5

Always water have been important subject for people  specially for Iranian people because of climate position and most of parts of Iran is located in In dry hot area. The people who live in desert environment solve problem by saving water under earth in depth of more than 15-20 meters in logical way and its named “Ab anbar”( a place for saving water = water Reservoir )   The numbers of “ab anabars” hust in Yazd is about 75 and its shows in the middle water plays vital role  One of these “Ab anbar“ is name “Ab anabar  shesh badgir”( water Reservoir with six windward) that its related to Contemporary period( about 180 years ago), has built in “Qaghar“ period which as regard climatic conditions and wind direction, winwards has designed in Octagonal form. This “Ab anabar” has two entrances to north and south side and you can reach to down after passing 55 steps. This “ab anbar”has designed in circular form for best water spin and on the top six windward is located for cooling water and Air circulation in summer.the height of water Reservoir is about 6.12 meters and height of windward is about 10 meters. ”Ab anabr” is monument that is related to “Ghanat”. The Output Capacity is about 2000 meters/second and has Ovate dome form and also has two Faucet which one of them used for “Muslim” And other one use for “Zartoshtian” The other point that I should to say is this Iran attractive place is, It is located in ancient context near of other historical places and you can visit “Mashed jame” or others monument in short and also you can buy Souvenir for your dears in “Fahadan Bazaar” in near of this “Ab anbar”Any way Yazd with different historical palceas and unique ancient context is important destination for Iran travel agencies and has Potential for attract people whomever want to trip to Iran