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Amazing Arge bam

4.5 out of 5

Bam is one of the important cites of “ Kerman “ province and is second city of this province in terms of area. “ Ghavoot “ is most important SouvenirOf this city which its so unbelievable Nutritious food and delicious, but our today post isnt about souvenir of this city but if you want to trip to Iran and “ Bam “ is in your plane, you can buy for Memento. Amazing ” Arge bem “ is located in northeast and upon a ancient hill, It is beating heart of local tourism and is known place for Iran travel agencies and also motivate historical place lover to trip to Iran. the archaism of this Iran attractive place is about 5 B.C. Complex is contain ofHouses, Palaces, Towers, School, Mosque, Zoorkhaneh, Bazaar ,Tekeyeh (a place for funeral ), Garret, Mill and we can say all parts of ancient city, you can visit here. In fact this complex was old context of “ Bam “ and have had a big palace and it have been main palace of city. There were many digs around a palace for defend. We can divide houses in 2 parts: 1- poor texture with sample houses 2- the rich texture with personal bathrooms and pools. The main parts of this city areMain entrance, Karvansara, Bazaar, big Arg mosque, main school or “ Khanghah “, “ Mirza naeem ” complex, Small mosque, King’s house, Water well, ” Gholam ” Mahal, Jail, “ Kat karam “ entrance, One of the important military Castle was in “ Bam ”. this complex is a complete simple of Iranian architecture. Most materials that has used in complex is brick and soil and water. People traded by farming, Kniting and carpeting