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Quadrilateral monument

4.5 out of 5

“ Alavis ” dome is located in “ char baghe alavian ” Neighbourhood beyond historical Hamedan city. This place is one of the Iran attractive places which is one of the Masterpieces After Isalm architecture and Moldings. For more information stay with us. This place is heir of religious people’s background where is attractive place for historians. This place beloved for Iran travel agencies too. The archaism of this monument is related to “ Seljuks ” period, more than 800 years ago. Initially they used to utilize this monument as a mosque and after and after many years it has changed to tomb of “ Deljuks “ families. Many of poems have pointered this place in their Poetry such as big Iranian poem “ Khaghani “. He has pointed this place as a “ Green dome “ in his poetry. The reason of naming this place is the Structure had a big dome In the distant past that during the history this dome has been destroyed and buried of two person of “ Alavian “ family and because they were popular among people accordingly people called this place with this name. Historians believes this place “ Seljuks “ has been developed and has Quadrilateral form and every corner has star form. The walls remains to dome line but itself ( dome )has destroyed. During histroy monument has repaired in several times. The appearance form is such as “ Maragheh Red dome “. The dimension is eight to eight. This structure and molding that use in that is very elegance and mysterious too and it’s decoration is same as “ Ghaziven Heydarea dome “. The moldings that has used in entrance has flowers and Interwoven bushes role and reliefs that is very eye-catching.If you are intersted in historical place this place with elegance moldings must motivate you to trip to Iran.If you like our today post please follow us on social medias