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Indian temple in south of Iran

4.5 out of 5

Iran has many historical temples in anywhere of Iran and these are one of the main reason for trip to Iran and a temple in south of Iran is different from anothers. This temple has Indian Original and is located in “ Banadr abas “ city in “ Hormozgan “ province and has made for resided Indians. This province because of adjacent “ Persian gulf “ and one of the main local for trading has man historical places. Temple is related to less than 100 years ago and has not historical archaism but in another aspects is noteworthy and is culture connection point between Iranian people and Indians.The main Indian gods are : “ shiva ”, “ berhma “ and “ Vishnoo “ This temple is related to one of their god “ Vishnoo ”. the gener of architecture is different from another Iranian temples and take affect from Indians temples. The materials that have used in monument are : Stones, soil, mud, mortar and coral stones. The Sanctuary is located in north of temple. In around the main room are four corridor which in the past pilgrims visit around that in circuate form This Iran attractive place has a beautiful dome which about 72 turrets is located around that. One big bar is located In the middle of dome which its shows axis of sky and earth and a hall is located In the east of monument and has many baeutiful paints on the walls that Each of them is represent a certain philosophy of the Indian people If you want to travel to Iran, ask from your Iran travel agency for planning for visit to this monument If you like our post please follow us on social media