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Amazing Kogan cave

4.5 out of 5

As well as we know Iran has many historical places. One of the this Iran attractive place is “ Kogan “ cave, one of the few caves that has built by humans on height of mountains. This historical cave is Located in “ Lorestan “ province in 40 K.M from “ Khoramabad – Ahavaz “ highway, in “ Kogan “ mountain. This wonderful cave has several floors and you cant reach to this cave without climing equipment( recently many steps and ladders has embedded but generally access to it is not very comfort. This cave can beloved case place for whom ever want to trip to Iran and interested to exciting tours. In fact this is admixture of exciting tour and historical tour. According to obtain coins around cave, The cave archaism is related to “ Parthian “ period, More than 2300 years ago. The entrance of cave is northward. Cave has two floors. First floor has four rooms which all spaces are related together logically.The second floor is about three meters and forty centimeter is upper than first floor. This cave is complete sample of rock architecture of “ Parthian “ period.All of the area that have used is about 281 meters. Another important point is exist Water reservoir in every rooms. Coins, golden statue and decoration thing are objects which obtained from this cave that have saved in national museums and private collections. Additional of this subject the nature of cave environment is very beautiful.This province is full of amazing natural views which you can enjoy to the beautiful lake, waterfalls and rafting rivers. “ Lorestan ” province by ancient archaism and has many historical place is exchanging to one of the main destination for Iran travel agencies and another point that is should to say is this province is adjacent with two other historical provinces, “ Kermanshah ” in the north and “ Khoozestan ” in south of this province that both of them are beloved place for tourists