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Five thousand annual departure Korean tourist to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Iran is one of the main destination for history lovers and because of rich history and people’s well-mannered, Always has been important Deputy Tourism Cultural of Iran and First Deputy Minister of Culture and tourism of South Korea presented many proposals for develop tourism and easier passengers travel between two countries.The first proposal was holding tours for introducing private section and for medias owners, Can be initiated effectively to strengthen existing relationships. With considering to number of whom ever want to trip to Iran and also Iranian passengers want travel to south Korea this proceedings is necessary. Deputy Tourism Cultural of Iran said : various Iran attractive places contain of historical places and natural places can be one of main destinations for Korean People. During the this meeting,” Chang goan jo”, south Korean deputy minister of tourism pointed to 5000 travel done from south Korea to Iran every year and He said : my suggestion for increase the travel between Iran and south Korea is holding tourism EXPO, Introducing of active Private section, And strengthen notification in Korean television networks and in the end pointed to “ Seoul “ is completely ready for tourism Cooperation with “ Tehran ” and There Institute of Culture and Tourism of South Korea Is suit chance for transfer information and Reserches in this local and Can be useful measures fulfilled too. This is shows number of travel between middle east and east of Asia is increasing and it is good news for Iran travel agencies and Korean agencies