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Ghom Bazaar

4.5 out of 5

Traditional Ghom bazaar because of special Architectural style always has Been considered between Iran travel agencies and who want to trip to Iran. This bazaar is located in heart of “ Ghom “ is religious city And shrine of “ Hazrate masumeh “ is located in this city too. The archaism is related to more than 300 years by “ Memar bashi “. This Bazaar has many “Karvansara” ( a place where built in the past between cities or for rest passengers or for to be safe from Bandits that every one has own architecture and archasim and in this terms they are different and these place one of the beloved places for whom ever want to trip to Iran and Iran travel agencies). In the past this Bazaar was Integrated and kept on from “ ancient square ” to “ Alikhani ” bridge but now its contain of two old sections and one modern Bazaar. Each Bazaar has about 1 K.M length. This monument in terms of area, used decorations and architecture art is one of unique after Islam monuments. Many cells has beautiful moldings and also has elegance “ Timcheh “ and is one of three “ Ghom’s Timcheh ”. the roof of this “ Timcheh “ has three sources for inner light. length of that is about 28 meters and with height of 15 meters and coverd by elegance bricks with beautiful plaster decorations in angels. Beautiful architecture and luxury, single-commodity trade, its leading position and quiet, are features of “ Ghom Bazaar’s Timcheh “ and has two entrance to modern Bazaar. Air conditioning and photoconductors is done by digs on domes. The light that shines from the ceiling into the area creats Pleasant atmosphere. An indoor Bazaar on the one hand back to the architectural style in the past, To protect the extreme summer heat and severe winter weather in the desert region of Ghom. If you want know more about this Iran attractive place, you can contact us