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Wonderful Martian Mountain

4.5 out of 5

The East south of Iran has many historical and natural places which introduce before with many of these places in our posts such as pink “ Lipar lake” because of different of its color is known as one of the Iran attractive places for Iran travel agencies. Another natural attractive place of this area is “ Martian mountains “. This amazing mountains is located in “ Chabahar ” road. When you observe these mountains, Imagine you are in March planet. These mountains has different form and style from another mountains. Gender-specific sediment and erosion of mountains, creating beautiful grooves and chip. This place is beloved place additional of tourists who want to trip to Iran, is beloved place for Geologists too. The mountains are torn and has Bizarre forms and are devoid of vegetation and because they are unusual, have been known to the Martian mountains in recent years. The colors of mountains are different, contain of White, Gray and Brown Spectrums. This natural Iran attractive place is cause to its beach road change to one of the most beautiful Iran roads.On the one hand wonderful conical mars mountains and in another side blue-green sea with Little red sand and Desert shrubs in environment cause to enjoy completely to visit this place. The mountains in earlier times was buried under thousands tones soil, Today with the passage of time, can observe. Because of climate change, Seasonal rain Soils were thrown out of their domains so main face of mountains is visible. The height of them are different, From 5 meters to 100 Meters. Bizarre forms of this phenomenon, due to the rapid erosion from wind and rain, Conversely forming of usual mountains. “ Tis “ village is located Near of this wonderful mountain. The archaism of this village belongs to more than 2500 years ago. This village was active port in the past that its name has bring in “Conquest of Alexander the great” and destroyed in mongolia attack Please follow us on social medias