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Iran is most attractive place in 2017, Selected by Figaro magazine

4.5 out of 5

“ Figaro “web site described about Iran and With the advantages of Iran tourism and has announced Iran an attractive destination for foreign tourists in 2017. This French newspaper said on its Web site : Iran one year after the lifting of sanctions, has been host more French tourists, Tourists are curious and open-minded to step on the country’s conflict And tourism agencies have emphasized the cultural richness of the Iran.France’s Union tourism companies has written : The report pointed to union “ Seto “ statistics, And after the lifting of sanctions against Iran, saw an increase of 144% increase in trips that were four thousand customers traveling to the country. The report noted that although low, but it is becoming a trend assessment,Iran introduces as tourist destination for those who love culture, art and literature and going skiing and sunbathing on the shores of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Paris-Tehran airline opened in April last year (Spring 1395) Another advantage has pointed in report And operating it to add Iran to the list of tourist destinations travel agency evaluated.time tour “, “ Asia “,” Aya Désirs du Monde “ are France’s top tourist agencies in 2016, with services to more than 1600 passengers, have most passengers to Iran. Patricia Doria Marketing manager of a travel agency says : Iran is the new destination for travelers And departing flights to Iran for spring next year is almost completed. The visitors from Iran has pointed : Silk Road, Thousand and One Nights and the three regions of Shiraz, the city of poets and gardensThe ruins of the ancient, unique and memorable and beautiful attractions Persepolis, Isfahan, are Iran eternal myths and should not be forgotten Tehran as the modern city. These Parameters are main agent for increase trip to Iran and most Introduce Iran attractive places to all of the world and finally these agent caused to most prospers of Iran travel agencies