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Ameri house

4.5 out of 5

Iran has many historical houses that one of these Iran attractive places is “ Ameri historical house” This elegance house is located in “ Kashan “ city in “Isfahan” province, near of “ Mir ahmad “Traditional Bathroom. This amazing house is one of the most beautiful houses that now its changing to perfect hotels. “ Ameri house “ with perfect and unique architecture has changed to one of the beloved places between tourists and Iran travel agencies. The archaism of monument belongs to more than 300 years ago (Zandiyeh period). The house has two Independent Yards, for internal an external sections The main feature of this building AreBeing large both of yards – Elegance decorations – beautiful moldings and also luxury spaces. The main parts of house are“Sardab”, “Shah neshin” (a sit place for king), “Aeeneh khaneh” (mirror house), “Haft dari”, “ Hashti vorudi “,”Summer porch”, “Winter Porch”, “Hoz khaneh” ,”Bahar band” and “ Do badger”. This wonderful house has 85 rooms that many of them has many beautiful molding with nice Painting. House has developed by “ Sahamol saltaneh Ameri” in “Qajar period” and added many structure to main house and area of all monuments reaches to about 9000 meters contain of 3 houses and 5 yards that most important of them is “Ameri house” . many triple aspects rooms deployed Around the yard with tune and symmetrically. All exterior courtyard and some body interior has covered by Iranian decorations such as moldings, Yazdi va rasmibandi, Mogharnes, Painting on moldings, Doroodgari and Monabat kari. Hoz khaneh used for cooling and enjoying in the summer. The house has the tallest tower in the wind towers Kashan houses. If you want to trip to Iran, You can by staying in “Amer house “ as hotels visit another places of Kashan city such as “beautiful Fin Garden” and also enjoy the silence of deserts on nights for finding your inner peace